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Some words about my photography:

'Hannah Daisy is a treasure of a girl, and takes a damn fine photograph. She photographs the truth of her life, full of love and kindness, with extra girly sparkle. Shots of her life now, as if it were all one big happening. I think her spirit must have hung out in Haight Ashbury, with all the beatniks and musicians. You can see behind all that glitter is a sharp eye, and a compassionate soul, she's definitely someone to keep a look out for. You never know, she could be our very own Diane Arbus....'

Stella Vine, Artist


"Hannah Daisy is an incredibly talented photographer and is a pleasure to work with. She took some fantastic photos of our civil parnership; because she made everyone feel so at ease, she managed to get loads of lovely, relaxed shots which really captured the essence of the day. One of our guests commented that it was the first wedding he'd been to where he wasn't aware of the presence of the photographer during the ceremony and speeches, and this is one of Hannah's real skills: she is able to get a range of intimate, beautiful shots while remaining quietly in the background. We'd highly recommend her."

Catherine & Rebecca


‘Hannah Daisy has a unique ability to deliciously blend the real and the surreal into the type of photos that leave a good taste in your mouth long after you have seen them’

Venus CuMara, poet, healer and founder of Reclaim Love


'The prettiest of photo days: we hid in the garden, brewed tea and played with butterflies in the fireplace...'

Natanya of Flutterbydaisy, dressmaker


'I really LOVE working with Hannah, she is always creative with her ideas and has really encouraged me to work collaboratively with her to acheive some fantastic results. Her photos have real character, expression and a quirkiness and uniqueness that truly show the mark of her talent.'

Bev Lee Harling, musician

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