Monday, 2 April 2018

Dissociation - explained in a short story. With cats - By Hannah Daisy

Dissociation explained using cats. Please note that this does not cover everyone's experience, but does cover common experiences. If this experience is distressing for you, please seek professional support. I hope this helps describe and explain the experience. All drawings are by Hannah Daisy. Please do not copy or publish without my knowledge.
 [visual description: 8 comic style images.
Image 1 has a ginger cat and a black and white cat in a cafe. The black and white cat asks “but...what on earth is dissociation?” Ginger cat says “well... READY?!”]
 [Visual description: Image 2 “Depersonalisation” ginger cat is looking at their paws which at times are transparent. Ginger cat says “sometimes it feels like my body is not real. I check my hands”. ]
[Visual description: Image 3. An image of ginger cat in the cafe from above looking through two cat eyes. Below it says “sometimes it’s like I’ve left my body and looking down on myself. Watching my body from the outside”. ]

  [Visual description: Image 4. Ginger cat is looking confused as a purple spoon. Ginger cat is saying “there is no spoon”. The background is melting. Above it says “it can feel like everything around me is not real. Sometimes objects and walls and faces melt”.]
  [Visual description: Image 5. Ginger cat is curled up looking scared and confused. A thought bubble shows two clocks, one says 5pm and the other says 9.05 suggesting the passing of time. The other thought bubble says “what did I do?” Below it says “sometimes I loose time and can’t remember what I did. At times I’ve harmed myself and don’t remember. I am disorientated, confused and frightened.” ]
  [Visual description: Image 6 shows black and white cat asking “why? Why would you choose that?” Ginger cat replies with “I DON’T CHOOSE!” “For some it happens because of trauma. Perhaps one bad thing happened and/or they grew up with trauma.” “Maybe some have mental problems or epilepsy or migraines. For some it’s scary. Others it helps them cope. “ ]
  [Visual description: image 7 shows ginger cat talking. “Some people experience ‘dissociative seizures’. Other people have ‘dissociative identity disorder (DID). This means some people have more than one personality or ‘alters’ (alternative personalities).” “Everyone’s experience is unique. Listen “. ]
 [Visual description: Image 8 is back in the cafe and shows a close up of black and white cat putting their paw on top of ginger cats paw. Black and white cat is saying “ok. I support you”]


judicockfight said...
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Anne said...

Thank you Hannah,

I'm following you several years now and I really appreciate your work. I have sometimes the feeling I don't know my boyfriend at all. He feels like a stranger in this moments and it really triggers my anxiety.


AnitaH2 said...

Thank you, and thank you for written comments so people with impaired vision also can access it.