Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Gillian Anderson prints

Last week, Gillian Anderson tweeted a photo of herself by Chris Buck with the quote "I thinks she said blow me but it all went sideways..."  I couldn't get the image and tweet out of my head so I drew it. I decided to draw the whole tweet combined, something I do sometimes for fun. Partly to poke fun at myself, sometimes to make a bit of a commentary on the way we can interact with people at this point in time. I find it so interesting the way I can draw anyone who is online and tag them. The drawing then seems to also become about the interaction (or no interaction) with them. I often think that when I draw a portrait of someone, I am really drawing a portrait of myself, saying things which I cannot say. Again.....making fun of myself....probably poking fun at my non-existent love life. (LOL)

 Little did I know that Gillian herself would reply asking for a print.....I have decided to make 25 limited edition prints. Signed and numbered. Gillian will have one and Chris Buck, will have another making 23 available to buy. I will not make any more, ever.

What a strange week it has been...

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