Wednesday, 9 May 2012

bit of lomo and weekly round up

I badly need a new photography project to sink my teeth into. I vaguely have some plans for a few weddings coming up this year and next year, but I need an art project. Anyone?!

I have been enjoying my two weeks off, drinking tea, watching some trash TV, dying my hair blue, listening to Grimes (<3) , visiting the Freud Museum, meeting Bob (the street cat) and I saw Bev Lee Harling play at her album release. It's all been quite fun.

Recently I have been carrying around my Mini Diana (35mm film Lomography camera) and taking a few shots here and there. I got the film developed yesterday and here are some of the results:

At a party in Hackney:

Cookie Love


Self portrait:


Pussy willow:

Pussywillow Memories

Medicating Bebe:

Medicating Bebe

Lilies on Mars at LadyFest:

Lilies on Mars @ LadyFest, Hoxton March 2012

Esther Dee:

Esther Dee & the Carousel @ The Comedy, London 12/4/2012

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