Saturday, 17 March 2012

Public Property - Hazel McMichael

Last Saturday I took part in Hazel McMichael's poetic performance piece; Public Property. Here is an explanation taken from her blog:

"on the 10th of March i will be staging a public performance/experiment/project in which participants will be given a selected time period (from thirty minutes to four hours – dependent on the plans and availability of the participants) in which to meet me at a location in inner London (TBC – also dependent on the plans and availabity of the participants) and to take me to a location or event of their choosing to do whatever they wish of me (within limits! details below)…
i will be gagged and my hands will be bound by each participant upon arrival and released when they depart to allow for hydration, toilet and mouth/arm rest breaks of ten minutes. these may be supervised by the previous or next participant if they wish (this must be arranged in advance). during handover the participant will be provided with a signed note which explains the project (in case of curiosity or trouble), a travelcard and a camera with which the participant will be expected to document our time together.
i will not be allowed to speak for the duration of the day, including during handover time. i will be allowed to communicate by any other means. the participant is not allowed to remove my gag or binding until their time slot is over (unless i give the “safety signal”, which will be a hand gesture shared with the participants prior to the day). i will not participate in anything (too) illegal."

Go to this page for Hazel's quick sum up of the day (she is yet to complete writing it up). 

I took Hazel to a pet shop to look at some bunnies. I wanted to do something fun, lovely and uplifting. After seeing what Selina did; I kinda wish I had put more thought into it! I also took the following photos during the reading of a story by Jinnwoo (but read by Tasha).

Public Property 10/3/12

Public Property 10/3/12

and just for the fun of it; here are some more of Hazel. Just doing er...stuff.




taken with: diana mini / fuji superia 200 35mm film
by hannah daisy
location: London


Ruzu said...

nice photos :D I have a question? do you have a film scanner? or what you do to get the photos?

Hannah Daisy said...

well, I get them developed at Jessops and they scan them and put them on a cd! woop! x