Wednesday, 21 March 2012

a great grandmother & emma - 26th feb 2012

26th Feb 2012

On the first vaguely warm day this year, I took my new mini diana camera for a walk in the park. Whilst in my favourite corner of the park I came across an elderly lady walking her dog. She intrigued me; she was really struggling to walk, was dragging one leg on the ground and was quite hunched over however she powered on to give her dog a nice walk! So I took the following series of photos (if you look closely at the above photo; you can see her before I even spotted her!):

First glance through the fence:

26th Feb 2012

She settled down on a bench for a rest:

26th Feb 2012

I joined the lady on the bench. Her dog was very friendly and lovely and jumped up on my leg. The lady then told me her dog was called Emma and is six years old. Her son apparently often takes Emma on long walks which she loves and is 'everybody's friend'. The lady then told me that her great grandchildren love Emma and that Emma loves them too. I tried to talk to the Great Grandmother but her hearing was poor and she couldn't really understand me and I couldn't make myself understood. So I said my goodbyes....

26th Feb 2012

Off the Great Grandmother goes with Emma...slowly....

26th Feb 2012

and another break before home time.

26th Feb 2012

I hope they went home and had a nice cup of tea :-)



Diana said...

Aww! So wonderful and adorable! :)

countthis said...

that's beautiful mate:)

Hannah Daisy said...

:) thanks!