Sunday, 6 November 2011

remember remember....

This is what I wore on 5th November. I missed all fireworks, sadly. I was meant to go to a friends but due to a stressful week, for one reason or another, I had to stay home and relax. I actually ended up catching up with a friend from sixth form who I hadn't seen for about three years. We went out for a pub lunch and a bar dinner. So Saturday worked out well. I heard fireworks over the weekend but saw none. I guess maybe now I am too old for fireworks? Hmm maybe not.

I watched the film Life in a Day on Thursday night. Various people had told me it was life changing; it truly was. The BBC is doing 'Britain in a Day' next weekend. I think I am going to try and join in, meaning I will film my day and upload it to youtube! Scares me a little, I am very rarely the subject of my art/photography. These recent 'what I wore' photos have been incredibly difficult for me to do!!!!

Anyway, I am off to have a detox tea. Yum.
what I wore 5th nov 2011
These shoes were £10 from a charity shop!

what I wore 5th nov 2011

what I wore 5th nov 2011

dress: £10 beales
cardigan: £5 primark
tights: £2 primark
necklace: £6 accessorize
shoes: £10 charity shop

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