Monday, 7 November 2011

how to have a better day

I sat today drinking alternating cups of detox tea and lapsang souchong and wondering when these clouds are going to clear. In many ways then the fluffy things in the sky. I am desperate to take some pictures of autumnal colours yet it has been dark and cloudy. I want the clouds to clear everywhere...
I was really touched by the film 'Life in a Day' and like I said before; I am going to film my day on Saturday. I have been trying to think how I am going to do it as I have never really filmed anything before. It should be fun!

Maybe I should do some of these things:

(I don't know who to credit)

Excellent advice.
Be kind.
(especially to kittens in teacups!)


Libra Moon said...

I remember all the fuss about this when the filming took place but forgot all about it. Think I will check it out later.

Hello by the way, I just started following your blog :)

Hannah Daisy said...

hello! thank you for following! I will have to wait and see what happens on saturday....I hope I dont have a boring day! xxx