Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I visited Berlin over the weekend. It was my first time leaving the country for almost 10 years, so it was even more exciting and special. I went with three close friends; we didn't really do any touristy activities; instead we just ate a lot of vegan food! However we did visit the Holocaust Memorial which was both beautiful and haunting at once. I took a few photos of it using my film SLR camera.

(click for larger versions)

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin 2

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin 1

Someone had left some roses:

Roses at the Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

This stone was in the park opposite the Holocaust Memorial:

Love Stone, Berlin

The child has a cat on it's head!

cat on child's head, Berlin

Visiting a vintage store...:

vintage store, Berlin

"Little Citieeeeeees" (see video below)

Little Cities, Berlin

The photo above was inspired by the lovely Bjork talking about her TV....:

On Sunday we wandered around and found this cute cafe with a rather unfortunate name:

Glory Whole, Berlin

....but the tea was really lovely:

Tea @ Glory Whole

We also visited a flea market on Sunday:

Flea Market, Berlin

Flea Market, Berlin


Bones, Flea Market, Berlin

This was taken on the first night...I love the flash...ahhh I love my Olympus om10 so much that I have found myself hugging it at times. I think I may have gone a bit mad!

In other random thoughts, here are a couple of videos I am really enjoying at the moment:



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