Monday, 14 November 2011

autumnal times

singing birds

I went for a walk yesterday, first day of proper sunshine this autumn. I have borrowed a film SLR and snapped a roll of film. We shall see the results on Friday... But I ventured out with 4 other cameras including my fuji instax which gives these wide strange looking polaroids! However the light had gone and the colours were quite dull.... The bird picture above, captured the moment a few parakeets scared off 100s of singing birds. I stood for a while on my own looking up to the tree tops listening to their late night song. It was really quite magical and spiritual. I was sad when they flew away. I then looked to the ground and found many pretty mushrooms...

late autumn leaves 2

late autumn leaves

late autumn mushrooms


This is my favourite: 

late autumn



Here is a self portrait from Saturday when I filmed my day. I will write that up another time!

self portrait


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Natanya said...

love these photos xxx