Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Samhain / Halloween !

I celebrated Halloween early with a few friends, some pumpkin soup, films and candles. I did a little bit of pumpkin craft and carved a kitty into a very large pumpkin!

Here is the process...

Scooping out the brains:

We made lots of bats, stuck them to our walls and hung them from the ceilings: 

This is how the fireplace looked in the lounge:

halloween 2011

My pumpkin:

halloween 2011

Hazel's pumpkin #1:

halloween 2011

Hazels pumpkin #2:

halloween 2011

I doodled on the candles:

halloween 2011

He dead:

halloween 2011

My "costume". I failed a bit and just put a mask on my head. New dress from Topshop:

what i wore today - halloween 2011

I found this on tumblr:

I wonder if I could learn to read and write this's so pretty.
I don't really have much more to say. I think tonight I may just do a Tarot reading for myself!

I've been having some strange dreams recently. I had one on Friday night about visiting someone who had a pet lion. Then when I went back later; the lion was fully grown and he stood up and hugged me. Then on Saturday night I dreamt I had two exciting things to tell my friends, one was a large florescent green lizard which was trapped in my house and the other was a cup of peppermint which had magically appeared in my room!

I was reading this blog today and this made me 'aww' and laugh at the same time:

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