Wednesday, 30 March 2011

90th post! Wedding, civil partnership, website, hiding under a bed and eating blueberries...

On Saturday I photographed a Civil Partnership! Catherine; a friend I went to School with, got hitched to a beautiful girl called Rebecca. I felt very touched to be asked to photograph such a special moment and day in their lives, that I wanted to make sure I captured every detail possible.

I have always wanted to photograph weddings; a lot of people say it's just the 'bread and butter' of the photography world, but I genuinely enjoy it. What is better then being part of two peoples best day of their lives and celebrate LOVE?!
I took a good 200 photos on the day but I am yet to share them
on the internet until the happy couple have s
een them! The photo of me I took of Catherine's facebo

My website has launched! Finally! A lovely person called Jay built it for me and I have now be
en trying to promote myself even more.....

I don't like plastic cups. Why can't people use a MUG and rewash it?! So much waste. So
I did a little doodle on the big box in the offic
e today. No one noticed. Well until I started giggling and pointed it out. Still not sure if I made my point.....

Last Friday I went to see Hazels creative writing exhibition.... go see her blog: http://hazelmc . I like this photo I took...the bed is actually part of her installation, however she decided
to climb into it...then Sian and I followed, eating blueberries under the covers and shutting the doors; shutting the world out for a few hours. Another creative writing student had her installation ne
xt to Hazels and we were hypnotized by her poem playing over and over and over in a softly spoken woman's voice. I was tired and left at 6 to prepare all
my stuff for the wedding job. But before I left I took this photo of two other creative writing students sat outside in the sun.

I also have a new favourite band; Japanese Voyeurs. Yayy!

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