Sunday, 20 February 2011

Love, Tate, Doodles & new people

It's been a few days since I last updated! Last week (12th Feb) I went to Reclaim Love! It was by far the best one yet; and this was my fourth. Due to the Eros statue at Piccadilly being dug up, a parade was organised. We walked from Eros to Green Park; stopping all the traffic and buses in central. It was funny, it was lovely and we left chalky love (well scribbles on the pavement and walls) to point others in the right direction. After strict instruction not to tread on flowers (ironic telling hippies not to trample flowers!) we held hands and did the usual chant in the park. It was so beautiful, it was warm and there were trees and I think magic might have happened....but honestly; Venus did an amazing job organising it this year and all that willing for a nice day paid off as it was mild enough not to even need to wear a jacket!

Here is me and Venus:

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Reclaim Love 8

Reclaim Love 8

Then on Monday I came down with a horrible cold but still went to Hula Hooping class. It was the most fun class yet, mainly because there weren't many people there (Valentines evening) so we could run around and have 'hoop wars'; which basically means going up to someone and trying to knock their hoop down with your hoop...yes I am 5 years old. But I did beat Anna (the teacher) on my first go. Mwah ha ha haaa.

Then my cold er...progressed into a chest infection; forcing me to come home from work, which I hate doing. However this did give me some time to think...and plan a website. I've needed a website for so long and I am really happy it will be up and running soon, thanks to Andrew for building it and Tim for sorting me out with a domain (!!!!).

On Saturday; myself, Hazel, Tanita and Simon all visited the Tate Modern; it's been a while since visiting there. It was packed and I often forget how much a bombardment of senses visiting the Tate Modern is. I quickly tired, so headed off for tea at inSpiral and then Chinese Vegan Buffet in Angel. Stuffed myself. Still feel full now heh.

This is what happens when I am sat in a cafe with a marker pen:

I have a new housemate; Ruth. It's great having another person in the house. We all seem to get on well and she even lets me eat her left over curry; which I did twice today. Edward, the cat, is still getting used to having her in the house....

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