Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Hello! So I was contact about a week ago by Elle Girl Korea....apparently they like my bedroom. They might feature me in their magazine next month. Here is a photo I took for them:

Hannah Daisy's Bedroom

Please click for a much larger version!!!

On Saturday; I went to GlamRacket over at The Lexington. My friend Dom and I were a bit late because we stuffed ourselves with vegan Chinese buffet in Angel....however once there, our friend Sophia played a wonderful set and we were able to disco dance together, almost like old times. We could close our eyes and become rather nostalgic. You look round the room and nothing is new, everyone is transported back in time, even smoke to simulate tobacco smoke and atmosphere. We got up on stage; for old times sake and danced and pointed until the early hours of the morning.
I need to find more places to go out...

This Saturday is RECLAIM LOVE. Yes Valentines is coming, yes all it promotes is the buying of useless shit to prove you love someone. Nothing says 'I LOVE YOU' like a box of crappy chocolates and a bunch of flowers sprayed with chemicals which have destroyed the environment in which they were grown. Why do you have to BUY something to say 'I love you'?! Why not just say it? Is it because of fear? Come on down to the streets of London and unite as ONE for we are all ONE.

This year Reclaim Love meets at the Eros Statue in Piccadilly at 2pm 13th February and leaves for a procession at 2.30pm to a mystery destination! (I don't know where it is).

Come on dowwwwwwwwn.

20100213 Reclaim Love

(This will be my 4th Reclaim Love!)

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People Are Strange said...

I had such a lovely time, on both occasions! Arthur really enjoyed Reclaim Love as well and says he wants to try and help out next year.