Saturday, 29 January 2011

splish splish splishhhh

This is what I did today (besides a stupid amount of cleaning and me and Hazel rearranging everything in the kitchen). I put up my collection of 6 years of setlists; in my lounge. Then I found a 7 of spades just hanging out in my flat; why not wear it in my hair?! Oh yesssss.

I went to see the Manic Street Preachers, twice, last week at Brixton Academy. It was amazing. I didn't queue, just turned up on my own and bumped into people when I was actually in the venue (Alicia on the Friday and Simon and Mark on the Saturday). So I wasn't completely friendless. Friday I went as far front as I could; I was elbowed, punched, squashed and all the usual frolics of being in a Manics mosh...! On the Saturday, I stood further back with Simon and Mark. Both nights I met up with all the usual people afterwards, doing the usual of 'bothering'.
I didn't take any photos, for fear of the Brixton Academy people taking my camera off me! So here is one of me and my (ex) housemate Robert (who moved out yesterday)! (Byeeee Robert come back and visit soooooooon :'-( )

(Photo by Seaneen) I look so odd here and I am not really sure what I am doing....

Before I went out to see the manics on Saturday, I got Hazel to take a picture of me and Edward:


Myself, Dom, and Jordan (&co) went to see Lilies on Mars the other day was at The Good Ship in Kilburn. It was pretty fun, we did this:

tea is good for the soul

and then some other day I did this with Edward:

look into the <span class=

I had such a funny dream about Edward on Wednesday night:

I dreamt Edward had a job as a PA for a Doctor. Every day he would go out an work and I didn't know. One day I went to my local Doctors and he was there, sat at an old fashion typewriter typing letters. He was wearing a tie and a little blue cap and looked really shocked that I had caught him. Later back home, I tried to confront him as to why he had never told me that he had a full time job and why he hadn't been paying council tax. He could only meow back at me. Oh dear.

I laughed about this all of Thursday....

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People Are Strange said...

cold fish in my little dish.

Cat dreams are the best dreams.
I had an odd dream last night...