Thursday, 6 January 2011

silly me

ok so maybe a complete move over to TUMBLR is just a bit silly. After all, it's basically micro-blogging, which is probably why it is sooooo addictive. I am not really sure if anyone reads this anyway...but I like to think of it as another 'Internet footprint' and also hope that someone notices what I do, likes it and hires me! (oh yesss).

Some random things from me. I love charity shops. Probably a bit too much. Screw the 'vintage' shops which rip you off with their beautiful items, WHICH THEY PROBABLY BOUGHT FROM CHARITY SHOPS! I bought this lovely sequined boob tube from the local RSPCA shop earlier in the week for £3! See the poor quality webcam shot:

My cat Edward has been featured, along with lots of my photos, on . It's quite sweet, although I didn't say he 'moved to the living room'. That would be a bit mean. However it does illustrate his personality quite well.

It took me ages to get this shot of Edward. He is always far too excited about being in my bedroom to settle and sleep. Every other time I tried, he batted the scrabble tiles off the bed and tried to eat an 'A'. This time I think he was in such a deep sleep he didn't notice!



play time



Cameo necklace:

cameo necklace

Oh Edward:


Did everyone have a good new years? I went to a friend of a friend of a friends house, met someone else called Daisy, went to Hoxton Bar and Grill, got a little drunk, stumbled home, ate chips, talked to housemate and went to bed. Nothing too dramatic! But meeting someone called Daisy is definitely a highlight...Ive only ever met one before, back when I was at school. (By the way, Daisy is my REAL middle name, not made up because of a certain band or anything!)

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