Thursday, 2 December 2010


I am cold:

My last entry was about Autumn, clearly the season has changed. It's not that thick in London, but was still fun to walk to work.
I thought I would dig out some of my old snow themed photos.

This was a strange and fun shoot in January this year. Hazel and Christopher braved the show in the early hours of the morning, dressed in what can only be described as 'almost Victorian bathing wear' ?!! It really was so cold but Christopher sat on his chair and sang Nico songs to the snowy night air. Then a man walked down the road. He was south african and was so confused to see two people sat in the middle of the road singing and dressed in vintage beach ware!

sing a snow song III

sing a snow song IV

And then there are the Snow Bride photos from February 2009. A different flat and a different road. Again Hazel braved the snow. She wanted to lay in the snow but I was worried that she would get ill...this shoot was done in a few short bursts because it was so cold and her vintage wedding dress was obviously not warm!!!

Snow Bride 1/2/09

Snow Bride 1/2/09

Finally, this is photo of my friend Ruths bike. I think she cycled home...brrr


To conclude, snow is cold and Hazel can brave the snow. Yay.

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