Wednesday, 29 December 2010

solstice and yule

Hope everyone had a good Yule and Solstice! Everyone is happy the days are getting longer, right?

Hazel gave me this for Christmas...Edward was eyeing it up!!

My brother gave me this:

I am addicted to chilli and apparently the hottest sauce available...and er....yes it's hot. I tried it neat and I swear I ended up tripping on it!

About a month ago, I took up hooping, Hula Hooping that is! It's fantastic and I am already addicted. Me and Dom have been going to classes taught by Anna Drury and have already learnt loads, bought a pretty gold hoop and went to Rockahula club night. It's pretty good exercise too, bruises and all.

Here is me and my gold hoop at Rockahula:

This year was the first year I have ever seen snow on the ground on Christmas day! I went out for a walk on boxing day morning, it was very cold but a beautiful day.

Here are some photos:

Curious horses:


Polar bear or pony?


Iced grass:



ice / ivy

Jack Frost has been:



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