Saturday, 18 December 2010

old photos....old memories

I heard Hazel make a random statement today; 'memories are weird'. Well yes indeed they are. I have been looking through previously ignored photos. It works, looking at them with a fresh mind.
Here are a few:

Don't worry, Bebe wasn't hurt here!!:


This was taken about three years ago (or more, can't remember right now). I was in Norwich and this was my bedroom window. I used to watch that tree change throughout the seasons, it became kind of special. The teapot came with the house...

autumn tea (revisited)

This was taken two years ago; Hazel decided to make a snow bunny...she got very cold hands and we had to steal some sunglasses of a giant snowman to make the bunny's eyes!

snow bunny 2

snow bunny

This is Hazel a couple of years ago, we were off to Rockaberet, dressed as fairies:

urban <span class=

My old room at the first flat I lived in in London

128 room

Again this is in the first flat...the corridors were so pretty!

4 o'clock

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