Sunday, 28 November 2010


I love autumn and autumn light and the whole notion of change. For me it is tarred by winter; I cannot tolerate the cold. I have always tried to capture autumn; the colours, the light and the change. Today I went to Richmond and wondered round some gardens there. We watched the friendly squirrels burying and digging up nuts, watching the fish swim under the ice and admiring the colours; yellow leaves and warm light. Brr so cold.
It is difficult to be in tune to the seasons in London, I feel so removed from nature. Having grown up (more or less) in the countryside, I was always aware or the seasons and the changes, here in London everything is concrete and grey!

autumn light

View over Richmond:


a friendly squirrel:


This was on Hampstead Heath in the afternoon. The light was so beautiful, low and golden. Venus made a shadow on this tree, which appeared to be the only tree reflecting the light:


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