Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My Bedroom

a few snaps for the curious:

(click for a larger version)

My Bedroom 1

A dress in a frame:

My Bedroom 2

Bits and bobs on my mirror:

My Bedroom 3

Framed daisies and a £5 lamp from a charity shop:

My Bedroom 4

each of the pictures on the wall is a little collage I put together with 1920s postcards from Bulgaria:

My Bedroom 5

Edward my cat enjoys my room:

My Bedroom 6

view out my window:

My Bedroom 7 (view)

My Bedroom 8

my shoes:


butterflies (except I have since painted the wall pink)


a teapot tray I found in a charity shop and tarot books:


and finally an Amanda Palmer print


1 comment:

cherry girl said...

Just thought I'd drop you a line as I have just stumbled upon your blog via a link on twitter! Having gone right back to the beginning of the blog (clearly I have alot of time on my hands!;)) Love your photography and we have a few favourite bands in common! I'll definitely be back to read more!