Friday, 22 October 2010

Bebe/Tatty Devine/Stella Vine

I was wandering around Brick Lane today and stumbled across the Tatty Devine store. Having never been in before, I had a snoop round and spotted a certain framed print by Stella Vine, of my housemate Hazels cat, Bebe! To which I pointed out to one of the lovely people working there 'THAT'S MY CAT'! She let me take a photo too!

Bebe by Stella Vine @ Tatty Devine

I actually took the photo Stella painted it from:


I have one of the prints and it reminded me that I really need to get it framed!!

Bebe has been through a lot since moving to London, including going missing three times; once coming back having been beaten up and another time she spent three days in the snow and turned up at Battersea Dogs Home!! She also developed hyperthyroidism, became crazy because she was hungry all the time, lost weight, threw up all the time and then her fur became matted which she then pulled out a few 'tufts'. Then a couple of months ago Hazel paid to have the matted bits shaved off and bought her medical food and now she is back to normal! Wow! Well apart from now suffering from arthritis!

Here is a photo of Bebe from Monday!


Edward licking Bebes ears:

Edward and Bebe 1

Naughty Edward:

Edward and Bebe 2



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