Sunday, 15 August 2010

sporks, buttons and self portraits

mmm vegan junk food. Well kids food! Check out the Spork shirt; another charity shop bargain!

I have had a nice weekend; tried Vegan Ethiopian food in Brick Lane food hall, spent Saturday night watching The Orphanage, drank ginger wine, ate vegan animal cookies, played with the kittens and edited old photos.

This amused me at Whitechapel station:

The cats now seem to be friends:

I have been looking through my old photos again...I often ignore photos when I favour another one from the set. So I have been pulling those out and re-editing them! (click for larger version)

Self portrait:

pink galaxy

I love this photo of Hazel. It was taken 2 years ago when she still lived at her fathers house. They had a cellar and this is when she showed me around.


sky walker

And 2 self portraits:

who said that?


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