Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sleigh Bells @ Rough Trade East

I went to see Sleigh Bells at Rough Trade East yesterday! They were great and I am no good at writing reviews....!!! They were however, full of energy, particularly the singer. The guitarist was on and off the stage which was a bit odd. Most of the music was a backing track, but it worked because the music/base was louuuuuudddd.
Here are my photos:

Sleigh Bells @ Rough Trade East, London, 10/8/10

Sleigh Bells @ Rough Trade East, London, 10/8/10

I had such a busy day today at work, I didn't even have a chance to eat. In the end I just had 3 cups of black tea, which is why I am probably a bit jittery.
Bebe, my housemates cat (but feels like mine as she has live with me for two and half years!) went to the vets to be 'de-matted'. She has hyperthyroidism and arthritis, she is also old too, and she has been unable to clean herself properly. So she was shaved today....poor thing but at least she will have nice new shiny hair!

Here she is with her bald patch:

baldy bebe

only 2 days until the weekend...! I haven't slept too well the past few nights; dreams including fire, floods and lost cats. Hmph. Maybe the three cups of black tea was a good thing today!!

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