Sunday, 8 August 2010


A circle of salt in the hand. I use the Hipstamatic iPhone makes pretty images. And that's it.

I went for a vegan brunch today, involving french toast, pancakes and buns. I practically waddled out, in between playing with a cat called Twinkle and falling down a ladder, getting friction burn on my hand on the way.
Vegan buns...

Yesterday I was looking through my old photos and came across two self portraits. It reminded me, I never take self portraits anymore. Maybe it is me being more comfortable with myself, not needing to create an image to portray who I really want to look like. Or maybe it is because I actually find it uncomfortable to make an image of myself, too self conscious.

Make of it what you will!


Apparently the past 2 weeks I have 'poked my head out of the box' but now I am going back into it again. I know what I have to do!!

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