Monday, 9 August 2010

Here There Everywhere

here there everywhere
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I miss the countryside. These two photos were taken in the Lake District in January 2009, at the ruins of Rigg Beck (The Purple House). There is something about ruins...ghost houses, empty shells; holes in the landscape. This house had little meaning to me as I never saw it before the fire and the collapse, only read about it. So why was it still moving? We found shoes and video tapes and old pans, traces of people. I liked the battered suitcase and the sign above which read 'Here There Everywhere'. That's how I feel at the moment. Which way to go?

A door in the ruins:

door in the past

(these photos were edited today)

I am excited, hopefully I am going to see Sleigh Bells tomorrow at the Rough Trade store, I hope they let me in with my camera...

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