Saturday, 7 August 2010

etsy squares and circles

I am creating an Etsy shop in which to sell my many prints stored under my bed and also other crafty bits and pieces.

I have not blogged for so long, my day job sucks all life and creativity out of me. I am determined to find a life again; a creative life, where I can make and do all the things which make me happy. After all, this is what we all want isn't it? Happiness??
I have a new love of Ginger Wine (Sainsburys is Vegan!!).

Tea and cake:

Afternoon Tea - Cake

This is a recent photo of a lady from The Urban Voodoo Machine. She is beautiful....I don't know her name, however The Urban Voodoo Machine were pretty 'dance-able' live. I saw them play at new years eve, it was a haze of red and black and 'bourbon soaked gypsy blues'.

The Urban Voodoo Machine @ Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park 27/6/10

I need to blog more. I like it. Even if no one reads.

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