Sunday, 22 August 2010

anyone know this man?

I had two very vivid dreams last night. The first focuses on my close friend Joe:

I dreamt he excitedly came to tell me he had met someone wonderful and had fallen in love; Joe wanted me to meet this person called 'Heap'. I replied to him stating of course I would love to meet her. To which Joe corrected me by saying 'HIM!' Of course! We went to meet Heap in an underpass somewhere. He was very tall, black, good looking and had a lot of stubble. More importantly he was charming.

Second dream (and not so interesting...):

I had a pink tricycle and was cycling up hill. Every time I braked, I flipped over the handle bars.


I went to the Sea Life Centre in Brighton on Friday. This is a big thing for me as I had to confront my phobia of sharks and everything that reminds me of sharks. We went on the glass bottomed boat over the shark tank and I was so scared...but Vince held my hand so it was ok. Sharks are beautiful, but I guess a phobia is just totally irrational.
Here is one photo of many to come... (click for a larger version) :


This is so creepy:


Working a 4 day week is great. I can work, live, party, create....all in one go without being too tired to function!

EDIT: Re-reading this makes me realise I write like a 5 year old. I am sorry....focus on the photos; yeah?

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