Friday, 18 December 2009

photo of the year 2009

Wow I haven't blogged for so long!

FLICKR has a group pool for the best shot of 2009 . I thought about mine. I decided my snow photos of Hazel from February were the best. I always get the most reaction from people about them. I chose this one in particular as I love Hazels eyes and how a street has been transformed from the everyday urban scenery into another magical world, maybe Narnia like maybe something from a Tim Burton film...I am not really sure.
Anyway, what does anyone else think?

Other then that....a few things I have been up to recently:
Exhibition @ Proud Galleries
Photoshoot with Katharine Blake & Nick Marsh

Photoshoot with Bev Lee Harling & Hazel

Photoshoot with Maple Bee
Live photography of the New York Dolls, Urban Voodoo Machine, Maple Bee and The Dogbones

All in all its quite a lot to squeeze into less then a month which is probably why I am so tired! As always see my FLICKR PORTFOLIO FOR MORE!

I have another Exhibition on 30th December, Proud Galleries Camden @ 7.30pm
I am exhibiting TEA PHOTOS! Yay! So there will be the ones of Hazel and Bev but also a photo of Maple Bee. She is playing at the evening also. We are both pleased with the finished photo and I am not putting it online until after the exhibition! There will be signed prints on sale too (signed by myself and Maple Bee too!!)

Happy Winter Solstice to you all!

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