Friday, 13 November 2009

winter creeps

writing has gone into hibernation so I am trying to wake myself before I give up entirely.
I am terrible at writing blogs, I know...but here we are, I am writing, I like writing, I just can't articulate myself well.

It has been a strange couple of months for me, seeing lots of bands, meeting new people, working and being ill. My flat is full of mould and so Hazel and I are diseased. Edward Kitten is growing up, he is sleeping right now on my bed.

How is it winter already? it's raining outside and I need to venture out of this flat at 9pm.

I went to see Ruby Throat last night...who were as amazing as always. I was able to crawl (literally) onto the side of the stage to take photos...go to my FLICKR to see photos!

365 project also seems to be going well....again see more on my flickr account.

It is 'To Write Love On Her Arms Day 2009' today:

20091113 To Write Love on Her Arms Day by you.

Find out more here:

must go now...

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