Tuesday, 17 November 2009

come see 8 of my photos exhibited!


I will have some prints for sale:

*print clear out!* £2 a print:

Also I found these 5 Ruby Throat prints. They are from the first ever Ruby Throat in sept 07. I got them printed with the intention to sell them back then....I will not be printing these again...

9x6" matt prints £12 each

I will also have some Ruby Throat packs of postcards for sale. They haven't arrived yet so I haven't sorted a price.

Any left over prints will go on ebay!

By the way, for any of you who are worried I am ripping off Ruby Throat, I have permission to sell these postcards and photos!

In other randomness...I really wish Ruby and the Goldbug hadn't split up....

I am busy planning a new shoot in a couple of weeks. I am a bit nervous but I think the results will be lovely!

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