Friday, 14 August 2009

visual diary

currently sat here with the cat warming my lap, sipping tea and feeling really happy that the week is over! I have nothing planned for the weekend, but this is good because I am taking this time to be on my own, to do things on my pressure, no worries just freedom. Maybe I will go wander around a park if the weather is nice...or go visit a health food shop...or go to a market.
I have had an odd week at work. But unfortunately I cannot write about it here, although it would make a great story!
How I wish I could write. How I wish I was articulate, could spell and that dyslexia wouldn't hold me back. Having said that, I wouldn't choose not to be dyslexic, I truely believe it has HELPED me become more creative.

Over the past year, I have kept a Visual Diary. Well in part it has been a scrapbook. But mostly doodles, found things, tickets, dreams and words.

the full set can be found on my facebook page!

on a side note, my friend Chloe showed me this:
I may just do that....take a photo everyday.

Ho hum.

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