Thursday, 6 August 2009

there's a drumming noise inside my head...

So saturday was the last ever Stay Beautiful club. I have been going to this club night since 2005, it's where I met most of the friends I have in London...and in fact I met my housemate, Hazel, in the toilets there, back in July 2006. I have celebrated 3 of my birthdays there, seen many many bands and traveled from places such as Norwich just for the one night.

So RIP Stay Beautiful Club!

We were celebrating Hazels birthday that night is a picture of her blowing out her candle (click for larger version) :

I am pretty obsessed with Florence and The Machine at the moment. Still listening to the album A LOT! Video:

Florence + The Machine - Drumming Song

Other then that, I have been working myself to exhaustion. I have a very stressful job and sometimes I don't know when to take a break. I've had a sore throat for a week and on Wednesday morning I started walking into work and realised I really wasn't feeling well. Went to the doctors and apparently my body is fighting a 'virus' and I need to take a break to let my body recover. So here I am feeling guilty that I should be at work. Also I am missing The Dogbones tonight so I can recover.

But hey, I need to find a new job, one that doesn't kill me!

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