Sunday, 23 August 2009

365 project etc etc

So I have started the 365 project. A few of us are posting everyday over on a livejournal community.

So here are the first 7 days. *click for larger versions*

My business cards arrived!!!!:

I went out for a Thai meal with a work colleague, Ruth. There was a chili in the drink! mmm I admit, I am a spice addict!

Quick snap of the cat, Bebe as she sat waiting to jump into the fridge!

Bebe was laying on my tummy and jumped up scratching me in the process.

This is a Ghost Bike in Stoke Newington.

photoshopped image taken on the day


Other stuff

This week has felt crazy. I have felt fact I have been telling people I feel crazy. Plans for the weekend fell through, so I did practically nothing and spent time on my own relaxing. Thinking and considering.
I was accepted to be a member on Getty Images, but their process for submitting images is so difficult to understand that I have given up!!
In other, happier stuff, I am now working at CLUB HELL! I will be photographing the event once a month and hostessing it (or something along those lines!

See you there!!!