Sunday, 26 July 2009

mooncups, cats, The Dogbones and mirrors....

Hello everyone...I am not actually sure if anyone reads what I write. I know I am no writer, but I do enjoy it. Anyway...hello...I have been busy with all sorts of ideas and such.
I have been listening to Florence and The Machine on repeat all week. The album Lungs is brilliant, I think it could be *the* album of 2009 for me! Florence Welch inspired me to get a fringe too on Thursday, the first time I have had a fringe since I was 5 years old!

I finally created a photograph promoting the Mooncup! I am quite pleased with the photo. A nice lady from the Mooncup stall at Glastonbury gave me the stickers which I will be sticking everywhere I can! The model wants to stay anonymous by the way!


This is Hazel as she was back combing her hair! We were getting ready to go and see The Dogbones on Saturday night...

...and here are The Dogbones. My goodness they are an amazing band to see live, especially now the singer, Nomi, isn't on guitar or bass, she is let loose...and I mean let loose!

Last but not least, here is a quick snap of our cat Bebe...she is getting old and now dribbles when she is happy, hungry or even worse, BOTH AT THE SAME TIME! eeew. Eeww but funny.

It's that time again...Sunday night. I really really wish the weekend was longer...

I cooked a proper vegan roast dinner today with an apple and pear crumble, mmm it was so good, my stomach is smiling. Mmm.

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frank said...

florence is good- yeh- and better live x