Wednesday, 24 June 2009

so beautiful...

...and terrible

So I have not written for a while...mainly because things are crazy here. Crazy. But I am not going to divulge personal stuff on here. My housemate said our group of friends are like a 'more glam version of Hollyoaks'. Maybe this is true. I try to keep myself from drama...fall outs are not my style. Even when people seem to hate me for years for no reason, I never ended up disliking them, only carrying a little confusion.

Anyway....drama? nooo I would prefer much more of an easy life where everyone are friends. Naive? me? maybe.

I went home to stay with my parents at the weekend, there were looooooooooads of daisies out so of course I got my camera out! I even picked a giant bunch and I have them in a vase just beside the kitchen sink. The yellow eyes watch the sun. Did you know that's where the name comes from? It comes from the old English word 'dægeseage' which means 'days-eye'.

I rarely take self portraits anymore...50mm lens means I struggle with it...and plus I have had far more interesting and beautiful people to photograph recently. Anyway, here are a couple...yes I am wearing the silly white heart sunglasses in both. For you see, sunglasses are a novelty for me, I have worn glasses since I was three and have only had contacts for a year and a half, meaning I can wear sunglasses! YAY!

Hiding in the daisies...:

Here is my old and yellow, how I have changed. The crocodile was knitted by an old lady who lived in an old cottage down my road. Her name was Ida and she had a field of daffodils in the springtime...and her cottage had a well...and stone floors. If you lifted up the big stones, you could see dirt. The high chair was made in Devon for my brother. I remember I cried when he was given it. I am not sure why but there are wonky photos my grandfather took where I am all pink faced, holding a little teddy with a blue dress.
Those beams are old...probably from an old ship that sailed the seas 300 (ish) years ago. They hurt when you hit your head on them. Ouch.

Should be off to Glastonbury tomorrow morning, bright and early. I have never been before. I hear it is going to be rainy...I hope I enjoy it despite the rain. Lots of friends are going and I really hope to meet up with them....
We shall see. I have had an awful headache for three days and it has sucked my energy so I will take it nice and eaaaaaasy.


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Natanya said...

Ello angel :) you look all cute hiding in the daisies ***
love x x x x