Sunday, 7 June 2009

bathtubs and kitchen sinks!

Another interesting week for me!
On Monday I went round Bev's house to watch 'Bev Lee Harling and The Kitchen Sink' rehearse and take photos! It was so much fun! I squeezed them all into Bev's kitchen and then...into Bev's bath. It was the funniest photo moment ever and we all laughed so much. I think the photo pretty much shows that...

**full set click here**

Then it was on to Bev's bed...and then the garden. We hung lots of kitchen utensils on the washing line. Never thought it would have been possible!

Tuesday was spent in Brighton, seeing the Manics again. Ah what an amazing show, best of the three I went to on this tour. Nicky Wire. Sigh. ♥

Then I got a bit ill and came down with a flu type bug....yes I had the jokes about Swine Flu! Had to take some time off work, which I hate doing as I am a bit of a work perfectionist and I don't like to let people down.

Anyway....on to Friday evening! Went to see The Destroyers with Bev Lee Harling and The Kitchen Sink supporting! It was at Wilton's Music Hall which has to be the prettiest venue I have ever been to! Its magic I think...

The Destroyers:


I recommend seeing The Destroyers live, they are pretty amazing and full on. If they are near you, go see them!!!

And two weeks ago I did a photoshoot with Emily Ovenden! It took a while to sort through the photos and for us both to be really happy and confident with the images...but now I can show them off!

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