Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Highgate Fairy

After another long week at work, ending with a leaving party, it was definitely time to do something creative. So I met up with the loverrrrly Natanya (or her blog) on Saturday! We wandered around Camden, then Highgate park. It was warm...and there were no chavs. Natanya put on a pretty dress, my giant key round her neck and the wings I made her for her birthday. Then I took some photos. I am pretty pleased with them.


I have also been baking. I made vegan gingerbread cake and vegan peanut butter cookies with rainbow sprinkles. Mmmm. I might put a recipe up here...I love cooking and baking. It is fun and creative. I love making up recipes, it is a bit like painting with flour, baking powder, sugar, oil and soya milk! mmmmmmm

I need to figure out how I can make photography and cooking my main job. Do something I LOVE rather than like. Help?
I get annoyed when I see gig photos in music magazines and KNOW I can do a million times better.
If you are reading and this and from a magazine/fanzine, PLEASE HIRE ME! I am enthusiatic, passionate and reliable. And I love gig photography!!!

I love tea. I looked in our tea cupboard today and sorted it out. Turns out we have 51 different types of tea! Tea anyone?!

Goodnight x

PS Been really enjoying Alessi's Ark at the moment. I love her imagery. Here is a pretty video:

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