Monday, 18 May 2009


I was talking to Phil at Club Hell on Friday and he was talking about the bad experiences I have had when out and about photographing bands. However there have been some really really amazing times. So I thought I would share some of the good and bad times....



- I have been so lucky. I have met some really amazing people. Both in bands and fans too. Some of my bestest friends in the whole world have been made through gigging. I live with two lovely people I met through being a fan of Queen Adreena. (well technically, it's a long story).
I often see the same faces at gigs, and this is lovely. I love meeting new people and making new friends.

- I have had my photos used on Bat For Lashes and Amanda Palmer's official websites. This was obviously a big complement for me as I am a huge fan of both.

- I have had some really fun times at shows...and random.

- I am not going to go into who I have and haven't met...but one moment that stands out was kissing Amanda Palmer...and being in her video for Leeds United! A eagle-eyed person can spot me the Queen Adreena video for Medicine Jar...but I was only in that one because I happened to be at the front for the ICA show it was filmed at!

- Queuing for Manic Street Preacher gigs. May not be every one's cup of tea, but I have had a lot of fun, freezing myself to death on a pavement!

The BAD:

- Cameras being taken off me

- A certain man at a Brighton Manics show in 07 being a total DICK to me. He got thrown out the venue for it!

- The stress of having to get to venues at the right time to get to the front. Staying at the front and not needing a wee all night.

- Nearly fainting at a Regina Spektor show in 2006...I WILL NOT LOOSE MY BARRIER SPOT!

- A man being totally inappropriate with me on the tube after Pythia


I admit, it is totally stressful going to gigs with me....I need to get there early otherwise I get stressed out!

Even though those horrible things have happened in the name of taking a good photograph, I wouldn't change it because of all the lovely fun things that have happened. A good gig has honestly saved me from madness sometimes!

In other news...I am going to Glastonbury this year. I have never been and can't wait!

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