Sunday, 26 April 2009

wonderland and bat for lashes

Helloooo busy weekend in some ways. Today was sunny and warm. Above is me watering the garden...I found those ears in Claire's Accessories yesterday and...well...I spent the entire day wearing them. Why not? That dress has TEAPOTS on it! yay!

Late last night/early hours of this morning, Hazel and I took some Alice in Wonderland inspired photos. Ok, so not massively original...but I like them. This is my take on the story. You can see the full set, uncensored, on my FLICKR account!

I baked some VEGAN blueberry muffins, mmm. Love my pink silicone baking tray!

Interesting reflections photo...

Live for each other:

I have a bit of an obsession for YOGI tea! Each teabag comes with a little message...I like to save them and stick them on the fridge!

Below is our tea cupboard. Yep. Everything in there is tea!

Here is Bebe contemplating world domination...

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Recently I have really loved POGO....he makes interesting music from film soundtracks such as Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter. He puts all his stuff up for download, for free, on! I seriously recommend having a listen!

That is all...

must sleep, work week begins again!


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