Saturday, 25 April 2009

welcome back - NEW stuff

So I have had this blog for a really long time. I deleted all my old posts...and I shal make an effort to keep more up to date and link in with my FLICKR and MYSPACE accounts.

I have been very very very busy recently. But it has so far been really fun and I have learnt a lot. So to quickly update in a big swisssssssssh of we go:


I am working with the loverrrrlllyyyyy Bev Lee Harling. She makes pretty music with strange sounds such as typewriters and train noises. She also happens to sing in the Mediaeval Baebes!

more here: clicky

Next up, I photographed DAVID RYDER PRANGLEY and the WITCHES. David Ryder Prangley is from Rachel is kind of super group of various people, including GROG from Die So Fluid!

Here is the group shot:

and DRP:

more here: clicky

Live stuff (all Live Photos from 2009 can be found here)

I have been super busy on the live music stuff. Most recently it has been Rachel Stamp, Pythia Amanda Palmer and Bat For Lashes.

Rachel Stamp liked my photo enough to use it as their myspace photo...

Here is one of Bat For Lashes....I am a massive fan...

Here is one from the Pythia show at Camden Underworld in March:

And here is Amanda Palmer...kind enough to provide me a photopass! I love Amanda Palmer!

This one was used on Amanda Palmer's blog:

Self Portrait

I made some fairy wings...took some photos...tadaaa:


I have a couple more photoshoots lined up *fingers crossed* and am looking forward to hopefully photographing some more live stuff...
Gonna be doing A LOT more work with Bev too..

Phew, that was a big entry,
much love


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