Monday, 27 April 2009

15000 steps and the universe loves me...

...I am going to work backwards.

This is a picture of some pretty flowers. Where did I get them I hear you ask? Well...I was walking home, hoping for a gift, the universe sent me a gift in the form of....someones dumped flowers. Yay! So I happily ignored the stares as I picked them up and brought them home....

15000 steps. Yes... it is national WALK TO WORK WEEK this week! So with pedometer on I kept track and realised I walked 15000 steps..that is (according to the website) :

- 3.6 cupcakes (or 722 calories)
- Reduced my carbon footprint by 2.40kg
- Apparently walked 7.22 miles (although its more then that as I walk fast and they have based it on the time I have walked!)

Ahh only 4 days left of the working week!
night x

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