Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Gillian Anderson prints

Last week, Gillian Anderson tweeted a photo of herself by Chris Buck with the quote "I thinks she said blow me but it all went sideways..."  I couldn't get the image and tweet out of my head so I drew it. I decided to draw the whole tweet combined, something I do sometimes for fun. Partly to poke fun at myself, sometimes to make a bit of a commentary on the way we can interact with people at this point in time. I find it so interesting the way I can draw anyone who is online and tag them. The drawing then seems to also become about the interaction (or no interaction) with them. I often think that when I draw a portrait of someone, I am really drawing a portrait of myself, saying things which I cannot say. Again.....making fun of myself....probably poking fun at my non-existent love life. (LOL)

 Little did I know that Gillian herself would reply asking for a print.....I have decided to make 25 limited edition prints. Signed and numbered. Gillian will have one and Chris Buck, will have another making 23 available to buy. I will not make any more, ever.

What a strange week it has been...

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Friday, 11 March 2016

Fuck Anxiety patch

I am super happy about this patch. It was one of the first things I designed this year. It taught me how to design. But it also helped me open up....about anxiety. It's awful and it's hidden. So many people are so disabled by it but often too ashamed to talk about it. Often faced with " get over it" or "I can do xxx why can't you?" leaving the person feeling utterly shit.
This is based on Richey Edwards tattoo from the Manic Street Preachers. Anxiety is not freedom. It's paralysis. 

Buy my patch here

Friday, 4 March 2016

Endometriosis, period pain and starting a new movement

I have decided to start making some information on the medical condition Endometriosis. Most of the information on the internet is not inclusive, often transphobic and is heteronotmative. It's often pink, gendered for "women sufferers", even though the colour for endo is yellow! Information is often about getting pregnant and whilst for many people with endo, this is extremely distressing however the symptom that is under treated is PAIN. 
So here we are, the first page I have made. An introduction. Please share and print and such. No more embarrassment. Period pain is real and it hurts. ‪#‎endometriosis‬ ‪#‎endo‬

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Crafternoon - Jewellery workshop

Facebook event: here

Femme Crafternoon is a jewellery workshop open to femmes, queer femmes and other babes to gather, chat, get to know each other, make friends and learn how to make an awesome necklace which you will be able to take home with you. You are welcome to bring your own craft to the event if you prefer.

Please read:

When: 5th March 2016 - tickets will be announced soon.
Where: DIY space for London. Wheelchair accessible, gender neutral accessible toilets, vegan cafe. Accessibility information is here: 
Cost: £4 - This is a non profit event. I am volunteering and the cost is to cover materials.
How: There are 10 places for the jewellery making workshop. However if you would like to come and hang out with your own craft, you are most welcome. I will only have enough materials and tools for 10 people to make jewellery.
What: I will teach you how to make a sparkly choker with a charm. If you prefer necklaces to be longer, this is doable. I have a number of different charms but if you have your own, for example from a broken necklace, you can use this if you would like! All fastenings are silver in colour. I have a wide range of ribbon colours for the choker itself.
Allergies: please note that I have bought items which state they are nickel/lead free but I cannot guarantee this 100%.

Safer spaces: No sexism/racism/homophobia/ableism/transphobia/fatphobia/classism/TERFS etc will be tolerated.

Sunday, 7 February 2016


Ahh the Beyonce new video is amazing so had to draw. 
Formation by Hannah Daisy